E911 Security Notification Application suite

E911: providing exceptional security notifications.


E911 Security Notification

◦Helps pinpoint exact location of 911 caller - critical and accurate information is instantly available in an emergency

◦Notifies on-site staff in real-time with location of caller

◦Emergency responders can be directed to access the caller quicker, which may save lives

◦Track and respond to other critical calls within business

◦Meet E911 Compliance Legislation

◦Compatible with all NEC UNIVERGE, Samsung, and Mitel platforms

◦Maintain accurate PS-ALI in centralized registry and export details to any PSAP


TriVium Systems’ E9-1-1 Emergency Security Notification™ (ESN™) application suite provides a comprehensive and cost-effective E9-1-1 real-time alerting solution for all organizations with multiple sites, campuses or buildings.

ESN solution suite supports NENA recommended E9-1-1 registry format to maintain Private Switch – Automatic Location Identification (PS-ALI). This solution also provides real-time notifications on 9-1-1 calls in addition to detailed location information.

ESN Helps organizations to mobilize internal resources and coordinate response to assist safety personnel, giving greater control over emergency situations through automated alerting and real-time internal notification of emergency and code blue calls. Security personnel can validate calls and avoid false alarms and related fines.