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CallAnalyst curbs your company’s costs and increases productivity. CallAnalyst gives you the tools to optimize your resources and budget and will help you improve your overall customer experience.

CallAnalyst™ is our award-winning call accounting solution. The solution addresses three main functional areas of voice communications management–call reporting, billing and Trunk analysis. This enables businesses of all sizes to manage their telephone systems and related infrastructures more efficiently and effectively. CallAnalyst allows users to monitor and manage multiple phone systems whether they are TDM or IP based.

Call Accounting

The CallAnalyst call accounting system collects and processes Call Detail Records (CDR) to provide powerful historical reports, to help manage costs, and improve business productivity. The call accounting engine provides: summary and detailed reports, extension-level call details, department allocation for phone billing, trending and forecasting of trunk usage, tariff and traffic reports.

CallAnalyst is a comprehensive solution that works with any telecom implementation, including VoIP, PBXs and key systems. This flexibility ensures that CallAnalyst leverages current and future phone system implementations and meet all your call management and tracking needs. CallAnalyst provides the tools necessary to help businesses reach these goals and gain a clear picture of how their phone system is being used. CallAnalyst is the right solution to meet any call tracking, management, and reporting needs from small to large multi-site enterprise businesses.


CallAnalyst Features

◦ Quality Monitoring/Performance Management

◦ Call Reporting

◦ Report Access

◦ Report Automation

◦ Data Archival and Retrieval CallAlert!

◦ Call Costing

◦ Automate Bill-Back

◦ Network Ability

◦ Traffic Analysis & Capacity Management

◦ Marketing Campaign Tracking