What Our Customers Say

I can tell you that collection agencies just don’t get business like this without having standards in place and solid call recording and reporting technology such as SonicView. Clients, knowing that we can easily deliver complaint reports via SonicView’s system, helps instill honesty, integrity and credibility – the ultimate competitive advantage.

Harry Albert, Owner
Modern Recovery Services

SonicView and CallAnalyst Enterprise Server provides us flexible scheduling and reporting options we have been searching for in call reporting software. The custom reports are extremely helpful since we don’t use a standard work-week. We have definitely increased our productivity and now have accurate and quantifiable metrics to analyze our phone usage

Josh Dawsey, Network Administrator
Linde Healthcare

SonicView has enabled us to create a comprehensive set of training tools and has provided our senior agents with a great way to evaluate their own performance over time. There is nothing like hearing your own call to highlight points of concern you don’t even realize are taking place during conversations

Dana Jiacoletti, Director of Information Systems
Grand European Tours

MIPPA compliance necessitates we record 100% of all of our inbound and outbound calls. SonicView Call Recording and Reporting delivered on its promise and enables us to not only record all of our calls, but have easy access for our managers to review calls for future training and compliance purposes. The system also lets us track and listen to calls for quality assurance purposes.

Amin Chikhalia, VP of Information Systems
Freedom Health/Optimum

Quite frankly, we’ve been able to increase our volume with our clients and our market share by having call recording in place. Most of my larger clients require us to submit our calls on a weekly basis; TriVium’s SonicView has enabled us to do this function easily and efficiently

Don Baker, General Manager
Daniel N. Gordon, P.C.

Thanks to TriVium Systems and SonicView Call Recording software, we’ve experienced improved customer service, increased telecomm savings and unexpected benefits regarding agent evaluations.

Rena White, Owner
BeAppy Answering Service