What Our Customers Say

The customer support is extraordinary. We are successful in achieving cost effectiveness vs an executive’s time on the phone.

Lonnie King, Director of IS/IT/Consumer Markets
WATTS Premier

We love CallAnalyst Enterprise Server software. It is exceptional for our needs and works great with our different phone systems and locations. We are also very happy with TriVium Systems’ technical support team; their response time is excellent.

Dave Seeley, Operations Manager
RGA Associates

SonicView and CallAnalyst Enterprise Server provides us flexible scheduling and reporting options we have been searching for in call reporting software. The custom reports are extremely helpful since we don’t use a standard work-week. We have definitely increased our productivity and now have accurate and quantifiable metrics to analyze our phone usage.

Josh Dawsey, Network Administrator
Linde Healthcare

We are very happy with CallAnalyst — it is so easy-to-use and provides us with a powerful reporting structure to help increase our newspaper subscriptions while keeping up with printing supply and demand. I was also delighted by the ease of installation and TriVium Systems’ comprehensive Web-based training program.

Jason Browne, IT Director
Killeen Daily Herald

We are highly impressed with the way CallAnalyst can slice and dice data from the switch and extract meaningful information about our telephone usage

Eric Armstrong, Certified Senior Account Manager and President
Armstrong Financial Group

We are very pleased with SonicView’s level of performance and its capabilities. Also,it was highly critical that any software system we put in place help us adhere to federal guidelines that have been established for our tightly regulated industry.

Benjamin Shumaker, Vice President of Information Technology and Security
Credit Union of Denver

We chose SonicView Call Recording over other options because we needed a tamper-proof solution that would focus on our direct needs. SonicView does a great job!

Dustin Malcom, Director of Information Technology
Town of Flower Mound

We had quite a few limitations using CallBright’s lead generation service. Their system only provided call recordings for 6% of our total inbound and outbound calls per month. We had to base our pay plans on faith because we didn’t have enough inbound and outbound call data to fairly structure our team’s sales and incentive programs. These reasons, along with the fact that our sales team could not search call recordings via account codes, steered us directly to TriVium’s SonicView Call Recording and Reporting solution. We now do in minutes what used to take hours and that makes our management team very happy.

Craig Sorensen, IT Administrator
Sheppard Motors

SonicView is user-friendly and has advanced search options. Reports are easy to create too. Overall, we have seen a considerable improvement in our team’sinteraction with clients.

Joel Shapiro, Principal, Shapiro Insurance Group
Shapiro Insurance Group

My favorite features in SonicView Call Recording and Reporting include its advanced search capabilities and the ability to easily download and play back recordings to share with our team. I love the fact that we can set up reports, too, so that we can automate their delivery and share them with management

Ana Jennings, Director of Customer Service, National HME
National HME