Solutions For OEM

Solutions For OEM

Time to market is the essence for product and solution vendors in today’s marketplace. This is more so in Converged Communication space where things are changing at a phenomenal pace and companies are striving to stay ahead of the curve. TriVium over years have built several platforms and building blocks for the converged communications application vendorst

TriVium’s VoiceXML based Voice Platform is ideally suited for OEM vendors looking for platforms to support voice and speech enabled self-service solutions. TriVium provides very unique and innovative licensing models for this platform that can boost your bottom line multifold.

Some of the other building blocks include:

  • CTI Middleware
  • uaCSTA Gateway to support Microsoft LCS / OCS clients
  • IP Phone Application Middleware
  • IMAP4/SMTP/POP3 connectors etc.

TriVium also provides very attractive OEM model for its CallAnalyst and SonicView product lines.