How does TriVium Applications help your business?

  • Track phone activity and Employee Productivity
    • Tracking the total call volume, call duration and various other statistics for individual extensions as well as groups
    • Tracking employees making toll free and special number calls – like 411

  • Tracking the Markets and Advertisements
    • Analyzing which advertising campaign in what media provided the best return on investment
    • Tracking where your customers and markets are based on the area code

  • Customer Support:
    • Ensuring that the facility doesn’t run out of trunks resulting in a busy tone for the customer

  • Optimizing Resources and costs
    • Ensuring that none of the trunks or stations are being unused or broken
    • Scheduling and optimizing staff based on the call volume

  • Security
    • Track threat calls and 9-1-1 calls; provide a tool to manage ALI database for E9-1-1
    • To be able to listen to threat calls coming into the facility

  • Quality Monitoring and Training
    • Ensuring that the employees are providing the right information to the customers and provide high quality service and support
    • Providing a set of good and bad calls as a part of training to a new employee
    • Ensuring consistency and accuracy across the agents giving information over phone

  • Proof of call / liability:
    • Providing proof of calls to protect the management against the customers holding the business liable

  • Compliance:
    • Complying with industry regulations like HIPAA