Life @ TriVium

TriVium is a highly charged team of ambitious people. TriVium is a hive of activity with an atmosphere of talent and passion combined with minds that love challenges.

TriVium offers an environment that facilitates their growth as technical leaders. TriVium is committed to an open, non-hierarchical, and non-bureaucratic environment.

It is in such a workplace that great products have taken shape, and technology leaders have grown. Yet even the best need a push, and TriVium system of timely and generous recognition and rewards help people perform consistently at their peak.

TriVium has well-defined growth paths for its employees. At every stage TriVium gives the opportunity to learn, grow and be prepared to take on the next challenge. There is tremendous opportunity for technically oriented people to grow in TriVium specialized technology domain areas (Messaging and Voice & Telephony). TriVium also offers opportunities for lateral movement among technology teams.

If leading a team of ambitious dreamers sounds challenging, TriVium is just the place, with interesting leadership roles and goals that provide immense job satisfaction.

Learning & Development

TriVium is teeming with individuals driven by new challenges. Hence, learning is a continuous process at TriVium. New ideas are encouraged and are discussed at length until every team member has understood it. These ideas develop into team initiatives, which begin another round of learning and knowledge dissemination. TriFITS (First Thursday Seminar) is an initiative taken by TriVians, for TriVians to learn, share and grow in knowledge.

It is no surprise that Trivians are forever learning – even by the hour. The work is at the cutting-edge of technology. They employ their creative and sharp minds to produce the products of tomorrow. Products that are often conceptualized at TriVium, and given shape through to delivery.

But learning goes beyond technology. We broaden horizons and enhance personal effectiveness through workshops on Collaboration Building, Communications, and Personality Development. The list goes on …


TriVium is a team working together to yield amazing results far exceeding that of a group of individuals. And we take this seriously enough to ensure we also have fun together.

Be it night treks in the wilderness, camping (we actually pitch our own tents) or that mug of beer together after a long day’s work. We delight in being together beyond work.

There is another unique innovation at TriVium to facilitate the induction and orientation process for new joiners. Every ‘fresher’, including an experienced person who has worked elsewhere, is assigned a TriBuddy, a peer level friend who makes him/her feel welcome, familiarize them with the TriVium culture, help in socializing and generally settling down – both personally and professionally.

TriVium is aware of its responsibility towards society. At TriVium we believe that we have a duty towards the community that we live in.

We do have a set of folks who enjoy waking up early on Saturday mornings… to practice for an all-important Cricket match. These are the TriVium Cricket Team members.

We are quite old-fashioned………Relationships mean a lot to us! Little wonder then that most ex-TriVians keep in touch all the time, play host to us on our trips abroad and regularly are with us in each step as we move ahead.

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