AdView Module for SonicView Call Recording & Reporting

AdView Module for SonicView Call Recording & Reporting

Track Marketing Campaign Effectiveness and Sales Conversion Rates with Precision Using SonicView’s AdView Module!

Google AdWords and Analytics
TriVium Systems introduces SonicView Call Recording & Reporting AdView™ module. AdView integrates seamlessly with Google® Analytics™ and AdWords™ to enable companies using SonicView to not only record, monitor and create reports on their calls, but as way of measuring exactly how many sales conversions took place as a direct result of each campaign. Never before have businesses had this level of accuracy and insight into their marketing and advertising effectiveness!How It Works

The AdView module allows users to:

  • Set up and create marketing campaigns within SonicView
  • Assign a unique phone number to each campaign
  • Associate multiple Google AdWords keywords that are relevant to each campaign
  • Track campaign effectiveness and sales conversions based on inbound calls from the unique phone number or from keywords within Google Analytics and AdWords
Whether it’s a billboard, print ad, TV commercial, website promotion or Google AdWords campaign, SonicView logs the incoming telephone number associated with the advertisement. For companies using online marketing campaigns or assigning specific codes for products sold on their websites, AdView works in conjunction with Google Analytics to deliver comprehensive marketing and sales data, including the number of calls made on each Google AdWord keywords associated with each campaign.Marketing campaigns and Internet promotions that are performing poorly can then be revised or discontinued. With precious marketing dollars and company resources at stake, AdView delivers the critical data companies need to make informed and timely business decisions!

AdView Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Takes the investment a company has already made in SonicView and exponentially increases its ROI quickly and seamlessly
  • Integrates with Google® Analytics & Google® AdWords™ to provide comprehensive statistics and the most critical data – SALES CONVERSIONS!
  • Ability to create extensive graphical and textual reports with click-to-play access
  • Provides report automation via email (in PDF or Excel format), making reporting to different entities a breeze
  • Marketing and advertising initiatives can be managed in one location, allowing for a stress-free way to mine data using a variety of parameters in order to maximize marketing spends

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